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SKIN PRETTY FACIAL: $120 and up.

This facial is designed to be completely customized depending on your most important needs. Would you like extra time spent on extractions? Or would you like to add a hyaluronic masque for the neck or decollete? How about adding a pre-treatment microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or chemical peel? The choice is yours. Always includes eye masque, arm and hand massage, face, neck and decollete. (Starts at 75 minutes and up to 90 minutes depending on your add-ons.)


The perfect treatment for anyone concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation. This facial improves elasticity and reduces the signs of aging by nourishing and replenishing the skin with super serums like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Includes eye masque, extractions, arm and hand massage. Face, neck and decolette. (60 minutes)


The answer to your acne and clogged pore woes, this facial is deep cleaning and bacteria fighting at its best. Includes extra time for extractions and the high frequency which nukes bacteria and dramatically reduces swelling and redness. Treatment includes face, neck and decollete. (60 minutes)


Suffering from that problematic back acne, or spending more time in back and shoulder-baring clothing? Come in for a soothing back facial with dramatic results. Customized to your exact needs and includes a relaxing back massage. (60 minutes)


The not-too-intrusive facial for those kiddos fighting clogged pores and pimples. Includes the perfect cleanser for your skin type, a deep cleaning clay mask with steam to loosen up the debris, extractions, and high frequency to zap that stubborn bacteria and reduce redness and inflammation. (30 minutes).


Is your complexion looking dull? The microdermabrasion treatment is a non-invasive resurfacing procedure, great for most skin types, that gently exfoliates that unwanted top layer of dead dry skin, revealing new and glowing skin. This treatment promotes collagen production and smooths the texture of the skin for better product absorption. Hydrodermabrasion ("Wet") first gently exfoliates and then hydrates the skin down deep. With the use of a deep penetrating serum, the Hydrodermabrasion locks moisture into the skin, protects from environmental damage, and plumps the skin with Microcapsulated Ceramides. Himalayan Primrose and Running Club Moss extracts (a patented combination) restores the skin's barrier function, vital for healthy hydrated skin. We also have serums for acne and hyperpigmentation, and a wonderful Vitamin C serum to give your skin a good dose of antioxidant! The most luxurious of microdermabrasions. Both include face and neck, with arm and hand massage. (60 minutes).


The benefits of dermaplaning are many. This procedure removes soft vellus facial hair as well as dead dry skin cells. It also softens fine lines and wrinkles, permits better product absorption, smooths skin texture, and reveals a more radiant and glowing skin. A wonderful treatment for most any skin type. Our dermaplaning treatment includes both face and neck, and can be easily added to any facial. Afterwards, we apply a calming mask, and include an arm and hand massage. (60 minutes).

CHEMICAL PEELS: Prices Vary from $75 - $135.

Skin Pretty Aesthetics has a large selection of peels to choose from that you and your provider will discuss before scheduling your treatment. We recommend a free consultation to address your skin concerns so that your provider chooses the perfect peel for you. Chemical Peels can easily be added to any facial, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning treatment. Face and neck. (30- 60 minutes).


This treatment is magic! A clinical treatment that eliminates skin issues like milia, skin tags, cherry hemangiomas, broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia and age spots. (15 or 30 minute increments).

MICROCHANNELING With Growth Factor Serum: $300 per area, Face, Neck, or Decollete.

Microchanneling is used to treat and improve skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scarring, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, texture, pore size, age spots, and stretch marks. It is currently one of the most popular treatments as it is safe for all skin types. Microchanneling produces miniscule wounds in your skin. Your body responds by producing more collagen and elastin to help heal the wound. Collagen is a critical protein in the skin that keeps it soft, supple, and young looking. Elastin is the main protein in the skin, but as we age we begin to lose it and the result is sagging skin. After just one Microchanneling treatment your skin will begin to look fuller, smoother, and more supple, with a youthful glow. Microchanneling is also called collagen induction therapy or microneedling. Microchanneling is less painful than microneedling as the tip used covers more surface area and is more consistent, making the treatment faster. Numbing cream is applied pre-treatment. Includes after-care kit, numbing cream, and growth factor serum (a $225 value).


  • Brows: $20
  • Upper Lip: $20
  • Chin: $20
  • Jaw Line, Cheeks & Chin: $50
  • Arms: $35
  • Underarms: $25
  • Bikini: $45+
  • Lower Legs: $30
  • Upper Legs: $45
  • Full Legs: $65
  • Toes & Tops of Feet: $20

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